456% Traffic Increase For A Healthcare Website

The Website:

This website is in the healthcare industry, and mostly focused on the eldercare space.

It focuses on providing in-depth reviews of various consumer products for the health and lifestyle of seniors.

How We Built Links:

There’s a handful of purely informational guides and resources on this site, and then a much larger amount of commercially-focused product buying guides and reviews.

Using email outreach to present these guides and resources is an effective way to build links to these pages, so that would form the first stage of our strategy. 

The effectiveness was somewhat limited by the low number of these informational resources, meaning we needed to mix in other elements to our strategy.

We leveraged guest posting campaigns to build links to the commercial pages. These work nicely for commercial pages, because the website owners are happy to get a free post from our experienced writers, and will gladly accept a link back to our client in the content.

This is our typical link building strategy: Leverage the high value informational pages as much as possible, and then mix in guest posting to build links to the lower value pages.

The Results:

When we started working together this website had 3,200 organic traffic, and now has 17,800 (both according to Ahrefs traffic estimates) – An increase of 456%.

We’ve been working with this client for more than 6 months, and have built 68 links in that time.

The average link metrics across the whole order so far were: DR40 and 13,000 organic traffic.

This was a relatively new site with a solid content and onsite optimisation strategy, and we saw great results when this was combined with our link building efforts.

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