2400% Traffic Increase for a Gardening Website

The Website:

Our latest case study features an authority site in the gardening niche.

It features hundreds of in-depth articles written by experienced gardeners. It’s a true authority in the gardening space, and also features buying guides for various gardening products.

How We Built Links:

From the very start we knew this website had a ton of high value pages, which we could leverage via our email campaigns to build links.

They have many pages about growing specific types of plants, so we built a series of small outreach campaigns around these pages.

For each campaign we built prospect lists of websites with pages covering the same type of plant and wrote engaging cold emails to introduce our piece.

From there, the relevance and quality of our clients’ excellent content does most of the hard work – Helped along by our team of email communication experts.

We also saw success with guest posting campaigns. Once again we were able to leverage our clients strong brand (alongside compelling content from our writers) to get the job done.

Overall the gardening niche responded very well to our outreach efforts, with many website owners loving our clients’ content and being happy to link to it from their site.

The Results:

This website had about 30,000 organic traffic when we started working together, and now has 760,000 (according to Ahrefs estimates).

We’ve been working with this client for years and have built hundreds of links during that time – 325 links to be exact.

The average DR across the whole order is 37, and the linking websites have 20,000 organic traffic on average (as per Ahrefs traffic estimates).

There’s 28 DR60+ links, and 47 20,000+ traffic links.

We can’t take all the credit for these immense traffic gains over the past few years. As always this is the result of a well rounded SEO strategy which features not only solid links, but also superb planning, on-site optimisation, and content by our client.

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